My first time with mother and daughter…


Katie’s mother’s name is Jane; she is in her early 40’s (42, I think). I would guess she is about 5’5 150lbs with blonde hair and 34c breasts. She has always been there for Katie; and been more of her best friend then a typical mother. They grew closer when her dad passed when Katie was young. Jane raised her and her older sister until they were both in college. I have always called Jane ‘Mom’ because she treated me like one of her own children (since Katie and I started dating). She is a great mother and I experienced something with them I will never forget.

One of the kinkiest sexual experiences I have ever experienced..

It was my girlfriend Katie’s 21st birthday; we were planning on having a surprise party. It was a warm Friday night in June and things couldn’t of been better. It was around 4pm and I was grilling out dinner at her mom’s house waiting for Katie to get home from work. Katie’s mother was making a few side dishes in the kitchen. I had went into the house to get some more chicken to grill. Jane had bought a few bottles of alcohol for the party. I never knew Jane to drink anything other than wine; she was opening a bottle of vodka to make a drink as she offered me one. I agreed and asked “Are you trying to get me drunk?” She laughed and said “Don’t be silly.. I would rather Katie and and her friends drink and stay here; than take a chance of going out and getting into trouble.” I smiled and drank the drink she made me. I couldn’t help but notice she looked very good in her red bikini. It felt weird checking out my girlfriend’s mom but she looks good for her age. She caught me admiring her. She just smiled and I went back outside to tend to the grill. I was a little embarrassed because I knew that she knew I was looking at her. She smiled at me again as I looked at her again through the window.

A few close friends of ours arrived; just before Katie got home. We all waited in the living room silently and as the door opened. Katie opened the door and begin to walk in and everyone yelled ‘surprise’. She saw all off us and the balloons and decorations. She blushed and smiled; surprised to see everyone over for her birthday. After a few minutes of saying hello to everyone; she went upstairs to her bedroom to change out of her work scrubs. Everyone helped themselves to food and went outside to the deck and the pool. She came down wearing just her bikini with short jean shorts on the bottoms. Her black bikini top barely covered her 34C breasts and her cut off jean shorts covered the matching bikini bottoms. I was standing by the pool as she walked out. A friend ran up behind me and pushed me back in as I grabbed onto Katie as we both went in the pool. As we both came to the surface she dunked my head for pulling her in and we got out of the pool to eat and open her presents. After a few hours everyone had went home and it was just Katie, June, and I. June went in the house probably to relax.

It was around 11, Katie and I cleaned up outside and decided to turn off the outside deck lights and go for a swim. We both knew what we were going to do. I took off my board shorts and jumped into the pool naked. Katie took off her jean shorts and bikini and jumped in after me. We just dropped our clothes on the ground by the pool. We begin swimming naked in the pool assuming that her mom already went to bed. We then begin making out in the back corner of the pool as we let our hands explore. We didn’t notice that Jane walked outside and was watching from a chair on the deck. By then Katie was standing turned away from me and I had spread her legs with my hard cock inside of her thrusting it deep inside of her as she moaned. My back was toward the house and I continued pounding Katie’s pussy as she moaned. I continued fucking her hard not even noticing that June was outside and watching us. She knew what we were doing and maybe from having a few drinks she was watching and getting turned on. She sat in a chair on the deck in just her bikini watching her daughter Katie being fucked by her boyfriend in the pool.We stopped to change positions as she climbed out she saw her mom laying back in the chair. She gave me that shocked look as we both got out of the pool naked. We walked back towards the house covering ourselves as June said “why did you stop?, I was enjoying the show.” We both smiled innocently as we walked back towards the house. She said “well are you going to continue?” and Katie smiled and said “did you want us to?” surprised, that her mom wasn’t angry. We sat down on the chair next to her still naked and She said “Well Katie, if you want to share” and Katie looked at me. She said “Sure, mom”. I was shocked for a second as June stood up and slid off her bikini bottoms. Katie started to stroke my cock and said “Would you do my mom and me?” I was shocked and before I could answer June was sucking my cock. It felt weird then Katie and June led me the house. They took me in the living room. June was naked and laid on the couch with her legs spread. Katie led me in between her mom’s legs as she helped slide my hard cock into June’s shaved wet pussy. I started slow as I looked at June and then at Katie as I did it harder and faster as she started to moan. Katie sucked on her mom’s nipples as I fucked her hard. After a few minutes we changed positions and I fucked Katie the same way as she laid naked on the couch. They both played with each other as I fucked them hard. I couldn’t believe this was happening as they both kissed on me. I continued until I came inside of Katie. Her mom licked her pussy and then they kissed both kissed me. I was shocked when June said ‘he has a good sized cock and knows how to use it’ to Katie as she got up and walked upstairs to shower. Katie asked if I enjoyed it and told me that she never knew her mom was that kinky.

We went up to her room and took a shower together. The next day, everything was no different. It was almost like it didn’t happen but we all know. June still flirts with me when I am over sometimes and Katie tells her she may have to charge for my services.

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